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Marine Ship Magnetic Compass and Gyrocompass

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Marine Ship Magnetic Compass and Gyrocompass

Marine Ship Magnetic Compass and Gyrocompass 

The compass is an instrument that provides a direction reference. The ship is used to determine the course and the orientation of the observed object. There are two types of compasses: magnetic compass and gyrocompass. Generally, sea ships are equipped with magnetic compass and gyrocompass at the same time. The former is simple and reliable, and the latter is convenient and accurate to use.

The magnetic compass is mainly composed of two parts: a compass cabinet and a compass basin. The compass card with the magnetic needle is installed in the compass basin. According to the structure, the magnetic compass can be divided into two types: dry compass and liquid compass; according to the purpose, it can be divided into standard compass, steering compass, emergency compass, boat compass, etc. In modern ships, a standard compass capable of projecting the readings of the compass card into the bridge is often installed on the open deck on the top of the bridge, which can double as a steering compass. This kind of compass has two types: reflection type and projection type. Their basic structure is similar to that of ordinary compasses, with only one more optical projection system.

Gyrocompass, also known as gyro compass, is a kind of true north reference made by using the two basic characteristics of gyroscope, namely fixed axis and precession, combined with the earth rotation vector and gravity vector, with the help of control equipment and damping equipment Point to the instrument.

Gyrocompass usually consists of two parts: main compass and accessory instruments. Auxiliary equipment includes power converter, control box or control box and sub-compass, etc., which are necessary equipment to ensure the normal operation of the main compass. In order to reduce the number of components of the gyro compass, the power converter can be assembled with the control box or as a whole with the main compass. The main compass generally can carry 8-20 minute compasses to show the heading of the main compass.

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