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Safety Cases

Our safety cases are made of high-grade engineering plastics. The case body has high impact resistance, low temperature resistance, sealing and deformation resistance, so that your items will not be damaged in any environment. Our protective cases have been used in many widely used in industries.

Test Items

1. Rain Test

    Standard: Federal testing standards

    Test details: The water was 100MM per hour, and the 6 surfaces were rained for 40 minutes.

2. Vibration Test

    Standard: American Society for Testing and Materials Standards

    Test details: Violent vibration of 5-50 Hz for 120 minutes, 3 axes, 40 minutes for each axis.

3. Drop Test at Low temperature

    Standard: Federal testing standards

    Test details: 14KG items inside, at a height of 640MM, free fall 26 times in all directions on corners and edges.     


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