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  • 2019-11-14

    Marine Cable

    Marine cableMarine cable also called shipboard cable, which requires quality and conformity to the highest maritime standards. Our marine grade cables are able to achieve and maintain high performance in harsh conditions of heat, cold, humidity, oil, vibration and salt corrosion, etc.

  • 2019-11-01

    Marine Navigation Mark Light / Beacon Light

    Navigation mark light is a kind of traffic light which is installed on some beacons to ensure the safe navigation of ships at night. It emits the specified light color and flash frequency (the frequency can be 0) at night to reach the specified illumination angle and visibility distance.

  • 2019-10-31

    Webbing slings

    Webbing slingsConventional Webbing slings (synthetic fiber sling belt), generally made of high-strength polyester filament, has multiple advantages of high strength, abrasion resistance, oxidation resistance, UV resistance, etc., while soft texture, non-conductivity, no corrosion (no human body Any

  • 2019-10-12

    Marine Fire Protection System For Ship

    The ship fire protection system is a protection facility designed and installed to prevent ship fires. It is an important part of the ship. It consists of fire extinguishing medium and medium supply equipment, medium transmission pipeline, control valve and terminal equipment. When a fire occurs, the power equipment supplies the fire extinguishing medium to the fixed pipeline, and then The terminal device sprays the fire source to achieve the purpose of fire extinguishing.

  • 2019-09-30

    How To Use The Kenter Shackle

    The Kenter-type joining link contains three parts plus taper pin and lead plug. The two main halves have numbers to be matched and arrows to be lined upfor ease of assembly with the third piece (stud). The two main parts are attached to the ends of the chainin a vertical position and then fitted tog