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  • 2021-04-17

    Containment Boom for Oil Spills and Above/Underwater Floating Objects

    Containment Boom for Oil Spills and Above/Underwater Floating Objects - China Deyuan Marine Main series offer as below: 1. PVC Containment Boom; 2. PVC Fence Boom; 3. Inflatable PVC Containment Boom; 4. PVC/Rubber Beach Boom; 5. PVC Rapid Deployment Boom; 6. Rubber Containment Boom; 7. Rubber Oil Containment Boom ; 8. Fireproofing Boom; 9. Silt Curtain

  • 2021-03-31

    Customize Rubber Fenders and Foam Fenders

    China Deyuan Marine Co., Ltd professional in providing Rubber Fenders and Foam FendersVarious material, shape, size, color available. Catalogue avaible, and welcome to contact us for more details.Good quality, prompt delivery time, nice price, and excel service.Welcome OEM / ODM orders!Main series w

  • 2021-02-25

    Marine Pump

    Pump is a kind of hydraulic machinery widely used on ships. It is driven by a prime mover (generally an electric motor) and converts its mechanical energy into the pressure energy, potential energy and kinetic energy of the liquid.The liquids pumped on ships are mainly water and oil. In order to pump seawater, fresh water, fuel oil, lubricating oil and other liquids on ships, a certain number and different types of pumps are needed.Generally, it is necessary to install bilge pumps, fuel oil and lubricating oil transfer pumps, boiler feed pumps, cooling pumps, ballast pumps, sanitary pumps and other major oil pumps and pumps in the engine room.

  • 2020-11-30

    Marine passenger seat

    Configuration: Seat cushion and the back of a recline chair(including magazine bag), with united and decorative head, armrest, chair foot, adornment to install rails, rail head, rail decoration layering, installation accessories, life jacket buckle belt, recline backrest meal tray.

  • 2020-11-27

    Marine Ship Magnetic Compass and Gyrocompass

    The compass is an instrument that provides a direction reference. The ship is used to determine the course and the orientation of the observed object. There are two types of compasses: magnetic compass and gyro compass. Generally, sea ships are equipped with magnetic compass and gyro compass at the same time. The former is simple and reliable, and the latter is convenient and accurate to use.

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