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Marine Air Vent Head

These marine air pipe heads are designed, manufactured and inspected in accordance with the standard CB 20037-2012 or CB/T 3594-1944, and are suitable for oil and water tanks for various ships and offshore drilling platforms. The flanges used are available in standard CB/T 4196-2011 and GB/T 2501-2010. The optional range of nominal diameter is DN50~DN450.

The air pipe head is classified into cap type, gooseneck type, combined sounding type, cylindrical float type, ball float type according to the structure,  also due to optional flange standards, and oil tank or water tank use, there are 14 A, AS~G, GS in total models, in addition, each model is also available in cast iron and cast steel.

The rich variety makes our air pipe head meet most ship-related application scenarios, and the strict quality requirements make our products durable and worry-free.


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