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Marine Fire Damper


Fire dampers are suitable for the ventilation and air-conditioning systems of ships and drilling platforms, as well as the ventilation and air-conditioning systems of various buildings and key departments on land.


CB/T 3557-1995 or others


According to the air flow rate adjustment function, it is divided into: non-adjustable, adjustable

According to the shape of the duct: round, rectangular

According to the installation position: left type, right type


The fire damper contains a temperature sensing element, which is made of T3 pure copper. The inner surface is dipped in fusible metal with a melting temperature of 70±3℃. When the high temperature from fire reaches damper, the temperature sensing element is melted and the switch is triggered to automatically close the damper to prevent the spread of fire. In addition, there is a  pull line for manual control.

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