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Marine Incinerators

Marine Incinerators
Marine Incinerator has been designed to incinerate waste oil,bilge water and sewage sludge and the garbage like sludge oil,plastics,paper,cardboard,wood,rubber,cloth,oily rags,food waste and hospital waste.
Our incinerator were widely used in offshore platform,ships and vessels or on land.
Incinerator's capacity from 180000Kcal/H to 80000Kcal/H,now three types incicerator are for option,first one is to deal with waste oil and sewage sludge,second one is to incerate waste oil and solid waste,the third one is multi-purpose type,can burn waste oil,sewage sludge,solid waste.
if for marine industry,mainly offer CCS. DNV. GL.LR. ABS. USCG,price would be different based on different types and certificate.
If you are looking for any of incinerators,pls contact our sales team freely.


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