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Single-Deck Navigation Signal Light

Single-Deck Navigation Signal Light
Single-deck navigation light deliver with three different materials:
(1)***engineering plastic(PA) navigation light:
model CXH-11P,CXH-1P: suitable for vessels or ships with length 50M or above  50M,     
model CXH-21P,CXH-2P: suitable for ships  with  length  12M or above 12M,but less than 50M    
modeL CXH-3P:                  suitable for  ships less than 12M.
(2)***Stainless steel  navigation light :
model CXH-1S:suitable for vessles with or above 50M,
model CXH-2S:used for ships  with or above 12M,but less than 50M
(3)***Steel navigation light:
model CXH-1D for ships with or above 50M,
model CXH-2C for vessles  with  length  12M or above 12M but less than 50M.
model CXH-3 for ships less than 12M


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