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Marine Mushroom Ventilators

Purpose and usage:

The marine mushroom ventilators can be fixed on the natural and mechanical ventilated devices on the hypaethral decks of all sorts of ships for ventilation, they are generally used for kitchen and accommodation of ventilator regulating screw, simply turn adjusting handwheel indoors can reach the purpose of adjusting the opening size.


Anti-rat, anti-insect, fireproof

Basic feature:

Reliable weather-roof, reasonable structure, high ventilation effect

There are old and new standars for the marine mushroom ventilators, CB/T 295-2000 and CB/T 4444-2017.

CB/T 295-2000 Mushroom Ventilators for ship
TypeNameInner Diameter DN(mm)
AInside open/close mushroom ventilator150~350
BOutside open/close mushroom ventilator
COutside open/close mushroom ventilator with axial fan
DFixed type mushroom ventilator

CB/T 4444-2017 Marine Mushroom Ventilators
TypeNameInner Diameter DN(mm)
AInside open/close mushroom ventilator150~350
BTop outside open/close mushroom ventilator250~1500
CInstalled above fan
top outside open/close mushroom ventilator
DInstalled above fan
side outside open/close mushroom ventilator
EFixed type mushroom ventilator

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