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Ship Launching Airbag

      Ship launching airbag has been designed for lauching and landing ships.This types of marine airbags are made of synthetic-tire-cord reinforcement sheets and rubber sheets.

      Deyuan marine offer wide range of marine airbags,like ship launching rubber airbag, marine ship salvage airbags,high pressure lifting airbags,maximum marine airbags diameter is 1.8M,mainly consist of three parts:

air bag body,cylindrical part of the air bag after being fully inflated with compressed air.

air bag head,conical parts connecting the body and the mouths of the air bag.

air bag mouth,metal valves mounted on both ends of the air bag for charging air or one end mounted a lug for air bag pulling.

       If you are interested in our marine ship launching airbags and salvage airbags,pls contact our sales team for more details.



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