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Marine Deck Equipment-Shark Jaw

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Marine Deck Equipment-Shark Jaw

Marine Deck Equipment-Shark Jaw

Shark jaw is used to holding wire rope or chain tightly, and as a brake to withstand load. When weighing anchor/ dropping anchor/ towing, the shark jaw rise, other times, the shark jaw pack up and remain flush with the deck, maintaining deck smoothly.


                   1.Fork shark jaw                                                                                       2.Triplex shark jaw

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Using step:  

1.Start motor, run pump station;

2.Press local control box or remote control box button, raise and open the jaws, extend two towing pins, reset button when operation finished. The steel wire rope which is towed, go through two towing pins, and clamped between the shark jaws, then close the jaws, this step must be completed as soon as possible, the wire rope and the ship is in unstable state because of wind and waves, it is difficult to keep wire rope in the right spot shark jaw.     

3.Connect the steel wire rope which is towed with steel wire rope on towing winch well by shack or other connecting tools, tight the wire rope by towing winch, open jaws, and turn jaws to down side.          

4.When towing by ship or towing winch, the towing pins should be raised all the time, the jaws should be turned to down side, the rope is always in the two towing pins intermediate, the rope does not swing when the ship turning, to avoid damage to the ship and the steel wire rope

5.When finished towing job, turn the jaws to up side, and clamp towing wire rope, then loose rope by towing winch, remove the rope connecting tools, open the jaws, release the towed wire rope.

6.The raised areas on towing pins and shark jaws should be covered grease, then retract pins and turn jaws to down side.

7.Stop pump station.

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