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Marine Pump

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Marine Pump

Marine Pump


Pump is a kind of hydraulic machinery widely used on ships. It is driven by a prime mover (generally an electric motor) and converts its mechanical energy into the pressure energy, potential energy and kinetic energy of the liquid.The liquids pumped on ships are mainly water and oil.

In order to pump seawater, fresh water, fuel oil, lubricating oil and other liquids on ships, a certain number and different types of pumps are needed.Generally, it is necessary to install bilge pumps, fuel oil and lubricating oil transfer pumps, boiler feed pumps, cooling pumps, ballast pumps, sanitary pumps and other major oil pumps and pumps in the engine room.


Marine pumps are generally divided into two categories according to the working principle and the principle of movement: positive displacement pump and speed pump;

According to the classification of power sources, the most commonly used are steam direct action pump and electric pump.Common Marine pumps are introduced according to their working principles.

(1) piston pump, commonly used as hand pump and oil pump, such as bilge pump;

(2) Rotary pumps, such as fuel and lubricating oil transfer pumps in the engine room;

(3) Centrifugal pumps, such as cooling pumps, fire pumps, ballast pumps and living pumps in the engine room;

(4) jet pump, commonly used as bilge pump in engine room.

Main Parameter:

1.Type and purpose.




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