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Introduction and classification of marine pumps from China Deyuan marine

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Introduction and classification of marine pumps from China Deyuan marine

Introduction and classification of marine pumps from China Deyuan marine

A pump is a liquid transporting machine that converts the mechanical energy of a prime mover into the mechanical energy of a liquid. 

Marine pumps refer to all kinds of pumps for use by ships that meet the requirements of ship specifications and technical conditions. On board, they are often used to transport various liquids such as sea water, fresh water, sewage, lubricating oil and fuel oil. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to increase the pressure energy and potential energy of the transported liquid, or to overcome the resistance of the liquid flowing in the pipeline. Therefore, in essence, the pump is used to improve the mechanical energy of the liquid.

There are many applications of pumps in ship systems, such as ballast pumps, bilge pumps, fire pumps, daily water pumps, cargo oil pumps for transporting other liquids, etc.

Marine pumps are generally divided into two categories according to their working principle and motion principle: volumetric pumps and speed pumps, and steam direct action pumps and electric pumps are most commonly used according to their power sources.

The marine pumps classified by the working principle are as follows.

(1) Piston pumps, often used as hand-operated pumps and oil pumps, such as bilge pumps;

(2) Swing pumps, such as fuel and oil transfer pumps in the engine room;

(3) Centrifugal pumps, such as cooling water pumps, fire pumps, ballast pumps and domestic water pumps in the engine room;

(4) Jet pump, often used as a bilge pump in the engine room.

According to its different uses, it can be divided into:

1. Pumps for marine power plant

There are fuel pumps, lubricating oil pumps, seawater pumps, fresh water pumps, hydraulic pumps for steering gear or other hydraulic deck machinery, feed water pumps for boiler devices, cooling water pumps for refrigeration devices, seawater pumps and condensate pumps for seawater desalination devices, etc.  

2. Marine general purpose pumps

There are bilge pumps, ballast pumps, fire pumps, fresh water pumps for daily use, sea water pumps for daily use, hot water circulation, as well as general pumps for ballast, fire protection and bilge pumps.  

3. Special ship pumps

Some special purpose ships also have special pumps for their special operation requirements, such as cargo oil pumps of oil tankers, mud pumps of dredgers, salvage pumps on salvage vessels, water jet propulsion pumps on water jet propulsion vessels, fishing pumps on netless fishing vessels, etc.

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