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Marine Fire Protection System For Ship

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Marine Fire Protection System For Ship

Marine Fire Protection System For Ship

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The ship fire protection system is a protection facility designed and installed to prevent ship fires.  It is an important part of the ship. It consists of fire extinguishing medium and medium supply equipment, medium transmission pipeline, control valve and terminal equipment. When a fire occurs, the power equipment supplies the fire extinguishing medium to the fixed pipeline, and then The terminal device sprays the fire source to achieve the purpose of fire extinguishing.

According to the medium used, it is mainly divided into several types of fire extinguishing methods such as inert gas, chemical foam and water.

According to the nature of the main work, it is divided into two types: internal fire protection and external fire protection.

Divided into power and portable according to equipment.

Inert gas fire extinguishing methods mainly use nitrogen and carbon dioxide on ships, among which carbon dioxide is used more.

Main facilities and composition

Power type 1. The inert gas fire extinguishing system is mainly composed of gas supply station + control valve + gas release valve + main pipe + gas release nozzle.

2. chemical foam fire extinguishing system mainly consists of foam cabin + foam pump + proportional mixer + foam fire gun + main pipeline + fire hydrant + fire hose + fire water gun

3. The water-based fire extinguishing system is mainly composed of emergency seawater valve + storage tank + fire pump + standby pump (sea water pump, ballast pump) + main pipeline + fire gun + fire hose + fire water gun.


1. Portable dry powder fire extinguisher.

2. Cart type dry powder fire extinguisher.

Other ship fire facilities

1.  Spray fire protection system

2.  Fire sandbox

Fire accessories

1. Fire hydrant

2. Water dragon with box

3. Fire hose

4. Fire water gun

5. Sprinkler

6. Gas nozzle

Deyuan marine can offer different type of  ship fire protection system and fire equipments, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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