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How To Install, Operate And Maintenence Self-Priming Centrifugal CWZ Series Pump

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How To Install, Operate And Maintenence Self-Priming Centrifugal CWZ Series Pump

How To Install, Operate And Maintenence Self-Priming Centrifugal CWZ Series Pump 


CWZ series pump belongs to self-priming centrifugal pump,and the feature is simple construction,easy operationg,convenient repairing,high efficiency, wide application scope etc.

Schematic Drawing:



1:When the pump is transmitted by electric motor directly, they should be coaxial,otherwise the running balance and longevity would be influenced.

2:To avoid mechanical failure caused by the impeller movement,the pump coupling must be tightened by nuts.

3:The suction axial must be higher than the pump shaft axial to maintain the pump have some liquid in order to arrive a good self-priming and prevent dry attrition.

4:Suction piping installation.

A:The suction inlet installation high can’t exceed than NPSH,if possible,it should be lower than the lowest water surface of the pool.make suction pipe as less as possible and used minimum elbows.

B:The suction pipe is finished without leakage.

C:Filter is to be fitted on suction side of the pump to aviod solid granule,the filter effctive area is about 2-3times than the suction pipe section area.Filter inspection regularly.

D:The suction pipe and discharge pipe are to be supported in order to avoid the pump loading additionally.

5:When pump install, should keep electrostatic grounding resistance of the pump and piping meets the specified requirements.

6:Inspect carefully if there are some stones or steel pieces in the pump and piping.

7:Check the coaxiality and gap of pump coupling and electric motor coupling,the coaxial tolerance is allow 0.1mm. Pump shaft and electric motor shaft can adjust by using copper pad or iron pad under the foundation.

8:After running about 3-4hours, test the bearing temperayure(should below 70℃),if have no other problems the installationg would be finished.

9:Air pipe and valve should be fitted on the discharge side of the pump for ventilation.


(一).Prepare and check before starting

1. Check lubricating oil regularly,make sure it enough.

2.The storage liquid must be higher than the impeller top edge,the pump should not be started when storage liquid not enough,the lipuid should be fillde through the filling hole.

3.Check the movement parts without lock.

4.Check the foundationg foot and the others connections without nuts loose.

5.Check the coaxiality and parlallelism of the pump shaft and the e-motor shaft.

6.Open the suction valve,left the discharge valve ajar.

7.Check the suction pipe without air leakage

8. Open the suction pipe valve, also just open a little(do not open fully) discharge control valve.

(二)Starting and operation

1.Start the pump ,notice pump shaft rotating orientation if correct or not.

2.Notice the noise and vibration when running.

3.Running for a period of time,the pressure gauge and vacuum gauge should be steady,then the running will be normally.

4.Too longer course of self-priming cause the liquid temperature too high,the pump should be stop to check.

5.If the self-fprinming is difficult because of the liquid temperature too high stop the pump,use the ruturn liquid or fill in liquid to reduce the temperature.

6.Strong vibration and noise may be caused by two reasons: too big flow speed and too high suction, you can adjust the discharge valve and get rid of blocing; lower the installation high of the pump.

7.When start againg because of suddenness stop,the discharge valve should opened a little to vent air to start pump easily.

8.The piping system should be no leakage.

 (三).Stop pump

1.Shut off the discharge valve at first.

2.Stop the pump.

3.In winter,storagte liquid and cooling water must be discharged in order to prevent the parts frozen.


Simple in structure and longevity of service are the pump’s feature,normally needn’t take apart to maintenance except for the special instance

1:notice the following parts when maintenance.

A:Ball bearing: the ball bearing should be changed when abrasion after running for a long time.

B:Fore seal ring.rear seal ring; the seal ring should be changed when abrasion.

C:Mechanical seal:the mechanical seal should be take apart to examine and repair when serious leakage at the bearign chamber bottom, If the “O”rubber seal ring assembled not correct or aging which also can cause the leakage,it should be changed.

2:The order of taking apart and assembly

A:take e-motor apart,

B:take the bearing chamber apart,check the radial clearance between impeller and the fore seal ring; check the impeller nuts without loose.

C:Take the impeller nuts apart,check the radial clearance between impeller and the rear seal ring.

D:Take the mechanical seal fix bolts apart,check the joint of the mechnical seal ring and the stationary seal ring,check the “O”seal ring.

E:Pull out the coupling.

F:Take the bearing cover apart,pull out the shaft and bearing.

G:When assembly according to opposite order.

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