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WQ(QW) Series Submersible Pump From China Deyuan Marine

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WQ(QW) Series Submersible Pump From China Deyuan Marine

WQ(QW) Series Submersible Pump From China Deyuan Marine 

WQ(QW) series submersible pump is a vertical sewage submersible pump, it is composed with pump body, mechanical seal and motor. The pump is made of cast iron. It is used mechanical seal between pump body and motor for well sealed .The series pumps are equipped with overload or overheat protection device. The flow-rate range of the delivery water is 7-10000m3/h, lift range is 7-60m, power range is 0.55-315Kw, caliber range is  φ25-φ700 mm.


1). Waste water drainage in factories, industry or on boat.

2). Drainage system for municipal sewage plant

3). Waste water drainage in residential area.

4). Flood system drainage

5). Waste water drainage in hospitals and hotels

6). Municipal facilities and construction area

7). Exploration and mining equipments

8). Pump for biomass pool and agriculture irrigation

Operation condition:

1). Max. temperature of liquid:+40°C

2). Max.temperature of ambient: +60°C

3). Maximum density is 1.3×103kg/m3.

4). If the pump without a build-in self-circulation cooling system, its motor should not expose above water more than half.

5). Deliver medium’s PH value is between 5 and 9.

6). Normally, pump should be use in the range of the pump head, to ensure the motor not overload.

7). During the operation, pump motor current should be not more than rated current.


The characteristic of WQ(QW) submersible pump:

1). Type WQ submersible pump adopts particular jam-resistant parts, to improve the dirt pass rate. Fiber about 5 times as pump caliber can across, solid dia. about 50% of pump caliber can also across.

2). With suitable design, equip with suitable motor, will get high effeciency and high energy saving.

3). Mechanical seal adopt with double tandem seal, material with hard-alloy, very durable and wearproof, pump can continuous operating more than 8000 hours.

4). Structure is compact, volume is small, little noise and the energy saving result was apparent, the machine needn’t pump room, It can work just diving into water, so reduce project cost.

5). Pump oil chamber equip with oil-water probe, when the machanical seal broken, water flow into the oil chamber, will show probe signal, to protect the pump.

6). Can base on user’s requirement, to equip with full automatic controller, to monitor electric leakage, water leakage, overload, overheat, to make sure pump can safty operating.

7).With double guide rail automatic coupling installation system, to provide convenience for pump installation and maintenance. So people needn’t get into the drainage ditch. 

8). The float switch can control automatically, do not need specially-assigned person.

9). Normally, pump should be use in the range of the pump head, to ensure the motor not overload.

10). As per the use occasion, motor can adopt water jacket type external circulation cooling system, can make sure pump safty operating in dry condition(no water condition).

11). There are 2 different installation way, fixed type automatic coupling installation system and movable type automatic installation system. Can satisfied to different occasion.



1). Pump should have special person to manage and used, also should do regular inspection to see if the insulated resistance is normal between  pump winding and the housing case.

2). After pump used in a viscous liquid, should keep pump rotating for few minutes in clear water, to avoid sediments stay in the pump, so ensure pump always clean.

3). If pump do not use for a long time, should take out from the water, don’t always soak it in the water, to prevent pump stator winding wet. so that can extend the lifespan.

4). Normally, when pump operating for 300-500 hours, should add or exchange the engine oil ( 10# -30# engine oil ), to make sure machanical seal have a good lubrication, so that can extend the lifespan of machanical seal .

5). After pump disassembling or maintenance, housing case component should be pass the gas-tight test at 0.2Mpa, in order to ensure that motor seal is reliable.

6). The seal ring between the pump impeller and pump body have seal function, if seal damage will directly influence the pump performance. Then should replace the seal ring.

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