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XBC-KDS Cummins diesel engine emergency fire pump with control panel

Origin: Made in China
Body Material: Cast Iron/Bronze
Pump model: XBC-KDS Series
Capacity: 5-6000M3/H
Lift head:8-200M
Application: Fire fighting
Payment terms: TT, western union, etc
Delivery time: 3-15days
Brand: Deyuan Marine

Product Description

XBC-KDS Cummins diesel engine emergency fire pump with control panel

Product Model:XBC-KDS

Brief introduction: Inlet and outlet diameter 32-500mm, flow 5~6000m3/h, lift 8-200m

Structure: mobile, fixed, container

Diesel engine speed: 960-3000r/min

Diesel engine brands: Shangchai, Dongfeng Cummins, Deutz, Fiat, Lane, Weifang Branch and so on.

Main uses: fire fighting system, industrial water supply system, hot water circulation, etc.


XBC-KDS diesel engine fire pump unit is the latest according to the national standard GB6245-2006 "fire pump performance requirements and test methods." This series of products has a wide range of heads and flow rates and can fully satisfy the fire-fighting water supply of warehouses, docks, airports, petrochemicals, power plants, liquefied gas stations, and textile and other industrial and mining enterprises. The advantage is that the electric fire pump set cannot start after the power system of the building suddenly loses power, and the diesel fire pump is automatically started and put into emergency water supply.

The XBC-KDS diesel engine fire pump is composed of a diesel engine and a fire pump. The pump group is a horizontal, double-suction, single-stage centrifugal fire pump. High efficiency, wide performance range, safe and stable operation, low noise, long life, easy installation and maintenance. For the delivery of clear water or other physical and chemical properties similar to water. It can also be used to transfer hot water, oil, corrosive or abrasive-containing media by changing the material of the pump's flow-through components, the form of the seal, and the addition of a cooling system.


 Conditions of Use:

1) Ambient temperature 50 °C, medium temperature 80 °C,

2) The medium weight does not exceed 1240 kg/m3.

3) The liquid level must be higher than the pump inlet and no idling of the liquid is allowed.

For more details, welcome contact with our sales team.

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