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Talk to Yacht

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Talk to Yacht



The yacht is an advanced durable product for water entertainment. It integrates navigation, sports, entertainment, leisure and other functions together to meet the needs of individuals and families to enjoy their life. As the world developing, yachts will become the next generation of durable consumer goods into the home, just like cars.


In developed countries, yachts are as privately owned as cars. While in developing countries, yachts are mostly used as the ways in parks and tourist attractions for people to consume, or few are also used as working methods for port supervisors, public security, and border defense. The yacht has an essential feature of entertainment tools, and the essential distinguishes it from high-speed boats and tourist passenger ships as means of transport.


According to the international standard, yacht specifications are calculated in feet, and it can be divided into three sizes:

a. Small yachts are shorter than 36 feet; b. 36 feet to 60 feet for medium-sized yachts; c. If longer than 60 feet, that are large luxury yachts, and large luxury yachts are divided into five grades of 35-40 meters, 41-44 meters, 45-49 meters, 50-54 meters and 55-60 meters.


Yachts are the next-class luxury tour vehicles in the world after private jets. In today's Europe, North America and Australia, yachts have already been a tool for weekend vacations and recreation.


Every year, various yacht exhibitions are held all over the world. The yacht show is now more and more mature. The organizers gather luxury yachts, boating, sailing boats, accessories and service systems from all over the world, as well as some the most luxurious waterfront industries from different regions, to attract a large number of visitors looking for investment in yacht and yacht lifestyles. Some shows also bring together enviable credit-worthy luxury brand products, making the yacht show being a gathering of this glamorous industry and high-quality visitors.


Here are some yacht shows in near future, if you're interested in these, finding out.

The 24th Shanghai International Boat Show/CIBS, from 20th JUN to 23rd JUN 2019.

The 10th edition of yachts,aviation,luxury lifestyle exhibition,China Rendez-Vous, to be published officially.

Annual Cannes Yachting Festival from 10th SEP to 15th SEP 2019.

The yacht equipment show, METS from 19th NOV to 21st NOV 2019 in Amsterdam of Holland.

CNR AVRASYA BOAT SHOW from 21st FEB to 01st MAR 2020 in Istanbul of Turkey.

Cruise Shipping Miami 20th APR to 23rd APR 2020 in USA.

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