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Q/A about Mounting /Installation Instructions for Capstans

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Q/A about Mounting /Installation Instructions for Capstans

Q: 6.Mounting /installation instructions 

A: For reference:

   6. 1 Mounting

   6.1.1 If Concrete Has Been Poured Before capstans arriving

   a. The winch is required to be mounted on a flat steel plate.

   b. Size of the plate: 30~40mm thickness; 1200mm width. 

   c. Uniformly drill 24 pieces of M24 screw holes on a circumference of Ø810mm, these screw holes will be connected to the flange(on the lower of capstan cylinder) with screw.

   d. Also uniformly drill 10~12 pieces of  Ø32 circular holes, these holes will be connected to the concrete ground with foundation bolt; Length of the foundation bolt screw: 300-350mm; The concrete ground shall be correspondingly drilled 10~12holes aforehand.

   6.1.2 if Concrete Has Not Been Poured Before capstans arriving.

   Fill the flange(on the lower of capstan cylinder) with use 24 pieces of foundation bolt screw, pour it with the concrete. 

   6.2 Hydraulic pump station and electric cabinet shall be installed inside room, or other space which could keep out the rain.       

   6.3 Control valve can be installed beside the machines, or somewhere could observe capstan.

   6.4 Pump station to control valve, control valve to hydraulic motor, are all connected with steel pipes.

Q: Dear Lionel, we are having a potential complain with our client : they want to have the capstan at ground level; not with the steel cylinder at ground level.He says that, because of the weight of the rope, it is necessary to do this modification.This is really a big problem for us, because we  have just pouring the concrete .What is your suggestion ?

A: Dear Customer, Good evening. You know if hope to leave the capstan head above the ground and put other body under the ground, you have to reserve underground tunnel.

   Now that you have pured the the concrete, you need to dig it, and remove the cylinder, then install the capstan support(steel plate) on the ground directly. you have to dig the tunnel(hole) for accommodating the hydraulic motor the pipes.

   Your client maybe worry about the Overturning force if all of the capstan body installed above the ground , our engineers told me don't worry about it, because it will be fixed by 24 pieces of M24 screws, it can work against the Overturning moment,  that's no problem, what's more it is more convenient to maintain.  Please discuss this with your client, and see what's their opinion.

Q: Dear Lionel, their concern is the manual force the operators need to apply with their hands because of the size of the rope. Do you see any other option?

A: Dear Customer, About the installtion of the capstan, we will send the capstans with cylinder, we will not remove it.

   When you got them, you could remove the cylinder, and install them according the actual conditions on site to place it.

   My suggestion is, fixed the upper flange of the capstan on a steel plate(Just as i told you before, drill 24 pieces M24 holes on a circular ф810 mm circular), and the plate is on the level of the ground,and pure concrete.but the capstan's lower body should go through the plate, so should make a big hole on the plate to let the capstan's lower body go through it.

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