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Marine Ship Solid U Type Rubber Fender For Dock Protection

Brand Name:Deyuan Marine
Certificate:CCS /SGS / ISO 9001
Min. Order:1 Piece
Port:Shanghai, China
Production Capacity:1000 Pieces One Month
Lifespan:10 years
Warranty:2 years
Delivery Time:7 days

Product Description

Marine Ship Solid U Type  Rubber Fender For Dock Protection

Product Description :

Solid U Type Fender is typically mounted to a dock or a ship to counteract the collision force between the dock and the ship generated during mooring and berthing to reach the purpose of preventing ships and docks from being damaged.

Normally there are two types of rubber fenders: Solid U Type Rubber Fender and floating rubber fender. Marine Rubber Fender has been used for a long history since it is easily to be made and long time life. Dock Protection rubber fender include D type rubber fender, GD type rubber fender, DA type rubber fender, CY  (Cylindrical) type rubber fender, SC (Super Cell) type rubber fender, CO (Cone) type rubber fender, etc.. Floating rubber fender has a short history but because their good property, now floating fenders are widely used in ship industry. Commonly there are two type floating rubber fender: Pneumatic rubber fender and Filled rubber fender.

Marine Dock Rubber Fender Features:

Moderate reaction force and high capacity of energy absorption

It is firm in structure and in long service life

It can be replaced easily

Marine Solid U Type Rubber Fender Specification:

Type L C Q B1 B2 H h n
(mm) #Fastening points
U300×900L 900 150 600 540 430 300 35 2
U300×1500L 1500 3

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