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Do you know OMD-2005?

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Do you know OMD-2005?

OMD-2005 15ppm Bilge Alarm 

OMD-2005 15ppm Bilge Alarm according to IMO Resolution MEPC.107 (49).

All monitors in our range are inspected and tested to the related I.M.O. requirements at  ou r factories prior to delivery.
In normal use this 15ppm bilge alarm should operate correctly and without fault over a long period of  time requiring only small amounts of
maintenance to be carried out as outlined in the 
 instruction manuals.


Range (measurement & indication)0 - 30 ppm, Trend up to 50ppm
Range (IMO specification)0 - 15 ppm (according IMO regulations)
Accuracybetter than IMO MEPC.107(49)
Electrical power supply24V - 240V, AC or DC, automatic voltage adjustment
Electrical power consumption< 15 VA
SampleOily water from separator outlet, 0,1 - 4 l/min
Sample temperature range+1°C  to +65°C
Sample connectionsR 1/4" Female
Alarm 1 & 2 Set Points1 - 15ppm (independently adjustable)
Alarm 1 operating delay for annunciation1 - 540 sec
Alarm 2 operating delay for control 1 - 10 sec
Alarm contacts2 independently adjustable switchover contacts
Alarm contact operation modeDe-energized in Alarm State
Alarm contact ratings3A, 240V each
Alarm output0 - 20 mA or 4 - 20 mA, for 0-30ppm reversible, ext. Load<150Ω
DisplayGreen Graphic Display
Ambient temperature+1°C to +55°C
Class of protectionIP 65
Dimensions360 x 240 x 100 mm (WxHxD)
Weight7,3 kgs

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