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Marine Navigation Mark Light / Beacon Light

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Marine Navigation Mark Light / Beacon Light

Marine Navigation Mark Light / Beacon Light 


Navigation mark light is a kind of traffic light which is installed on some beacons to ensure the safe navigation of ships at night. It emits the specified light color and flash frequency (the frequency can be 0) at night to reach the specified illumination angle and visibility distance.

Classification and function

There are four kinds of beacon lights: fixed beacon, light buoy, lightboat and lighthouse.


Fixed beacons, light buoys and lightboats are beacons for navigation and warning.

The lighthouse sends an identifiable signal at night on the sea for the ship to determine the location and provide a hazard warning to the ship. The beacon light uses a battery as a power source. Small lighthouses have adopted solar cells, while large lighthouses use diesel generator sets as the main source of power.

According to different conditions and navigation instructions, beacon lights can be divided into different types:

I. side beacon lights:

Function: set on the side of shoal, reef, sunken ship or other obstacles close to the channel to mark the side boundary of the channel; set on both sides of the excellent channel in the water network area, mark the shape of the bank, the mouth or the branch port which is not navigable, to indicate the ship to navigate in the channel.

Beacon color: white on the left bank and red on the right bank

Light quality: green on the left bank, single flash; red on the right bank, single flash

II. Left and right navigation beacon lights

Function: set up in the channel where some river obstacles or channel branches, indicating that there are navigable channels on both sides of the mark.

Beacon shape: cone

Color of AIDS to navigation: red and white on both sides of the center line of each side of the subject

Light quality: White / green, three flashes

Sight distance: 3km

III. bridge and culvert beacon

Function: it is set on the navigation hole of the bridge above the route facing the ship to guide the ship through the bridge hole.

Target shape: square sign

Color: Red

Lamp quality: red single side fixed light

Sight distance: 3km

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