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Introduction Of Tugboat

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 Introduction Of Tugboat

 Introduction  Of Tugboat

Tugboat is a ship used to pull barges and vessels. The characteristics of tugboat are firm structure, good stability, small hull, high power of main engine, large traction force and good maneuverability, but it has no loading and unloading capacity. It mainly tows barges carrying goods and various operating vessels. According to the different use areas, tugboats can be divided into ocean tugboats, inland river tugboats, coastal tugboats, port tugboats, marine rescue tugboats and other types.

Tugboats can be divided into the following four categories according to their main use tasks.

(1) Transport tugboat

It is an inland and marine tugboat with the main task of towing barge fleet. The advantage of this mode of transportation is better economy. With the further development of towed barge transportation, pushing fleet is adopted in inland river with better channel conditions (wide and small curvature) and coastal areas with gentle wind and waves. The main advantages of the pushing fleet are that the total resistance of the fleet is reduced, the wake of the propeller of the tugboat does not affect the resistance of the barge and eliminates the resistance loss caused by the towline. Therefore, the hydrodynamic performance of the pushing fleet is better than that of the tugboat fleet. The number of crew on the barge can be reduced, and even it can be made into an unmanned barge, which is more economical. Drawing lessons from the experience of using push-forward fleet in foreign countries, China has studied and promoted the transport of push-barge fleet since the late 1970s, and has achieved good results in the river-sea intermodal transport of Hanshui, Yangtze River, Heilongjiang, Yellow River and Bohai Sea. It has now become the main mode of inland river freight transportation.

(2) Auxiliary operation tugboat

These include tugboats for large ships entering and leaving port, berthing and leaving port, turning around port, tugboats used by shipyards to mobilize berths, for repairing and building ships entering and leaving dock, and for assisting in trial voyage, etc.

(3) salvage tugboat

It is mainly used to rescue wrecked ships at sea. It is equipped with drainage, fire extinguishing and diving operations for wrecked ships. It has the ability to supply oil, water and electricity to wrecked ships, and can tow back the wrecked ships.

(4) tugboats for marine development

Towing, anchoring, feeding, land and water transportation and towing engineering ships for offshore drilling platforms are generally multi-purpose tugboats.

These are classified according to their purposes, such as inland tugboats, port tugboats, coastal tugboats and ocean tugboats.

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