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Fire Protected Type Totally Enclosed Lifeboat With Gravity Luffing Arm Type Davit

Type: Totally Enclosed Lifeboat
Brand: Deyuan Marine
Length: 5m-12m
Capacity: 15-150 persons
Material: FRP
HS Code: 8906901000
Lead time: in stock or 15-30 days.
Certificate: CCS, ABS, BV, DNV, LR, GL, RINA, NK, KR, RS, etc.
  • Item: Lifeboat
  • Type: Totally Enclosed Fire Protected
  • Capacity : 20person~150person
  • Boat length : 5M~12.5M
  • Boat Hook : stainless steel
  • Material : GRP

Product Description

Fire Protected Type Totally Enclosed Lifeboat With Gravity Luffing Arm Type Davit

Tanker verion type Fire Protected Type Totally Enclosed Lifeboat is fabricated as per the lastest SOLAS requirement, LSA code and resolution MCS.274(85) and MSC.272(85), it equipped with an inboard engine, available famous engine brand are YANMAR, BUKH, A prinkle system is required for the tanker version type lifeboat. first aid kit , foot, fresh water etc are provided, These food items can stay on for days.

Lifeboat lenght range from 5M to 12.5M, CCS, ABS, LR, RINA, DNV, BV certificate can be offered.

Deyuan Marine can offer other lifeboat and davit like Free Fall Lifeboat, Open Type Lifeboat, Partially Enclosed Lifeboat, Rigid FRP Fast Rescue Boat/SOLAS FRP Rescue Boat, Rescue Boat With Outboard Engine, Rescue Boat With Diesel Engine, Inflatable Fender Fast Rescue Boat, Single Arm Davit For Rescue Boat, Hydraulic Slewing Crane and Davit for rescue boat, Platform Rescue Boat Davit, Rescue Boat Davit A-Frame Type/Launching Appliance of Rescue Boat, Platform Lifeboat Davit, Launching Appliance of Free Fall Lifeboat and Telescopic Type Davit Device, welcome you contact us for further details and competitive prices.

Technical Parameter of the Totally Enclosed Lifeboat:
Model Main Dim. Capacity Hook Distance Speed Max. Height Total Weight
(m) (P) (m) (knots) (m) (kg)
DY-QFN-5.00 5.00x2.2x1.10 22 4.6 >6 2.85 4365
DY-QFN-5.25 5.25x2.3x1.1 25 4.9 >6 2.9 4752.5
DY-QFN-6.00A 6.00x2.3x1.1 36 5.65 >6 3 5857
DY-QFN-6.50 6.50x2.3x1.2 36 6.1 >6 3.1 5918
DY-QFN-7.00 7.00x2.7x1.1 48 6.6 >6 3.1 7584
DY-QFN-7.50 7.50x2.7x1.1 44 6.5 >6 3.1 7184
DY-QFN-7.50A 7.50x2.7x1.1 68 7.1 >6 3.1 9335
DY-QFN-8.00 8.00x2.85x1.2 50 7 >6 3.1 8001
DY-QFN-8.50 8.50x3.1x1.22 63 7.5 >6 3.1 9942.5
DY-QFN-8.50X 8.50x2.9x1.20 80 8.14 >6 3.25 11295
DY-QFN-9.35 9.35x3.6x1.2 102 8.95 >6 3.25 14271
DY-QFN-10.9 10.90x3.9x1.2 130 10.5 >6 3.65 17906
DY-QFN-11.8 11.80x4.2x1.25 150 11.3 >6 4 22000
DY-QFN-12.5 12.5x3.90x1.25 130/150 7.1 >6 4 22395/22100

Fire Protected Type Totally Enclosed Lifeboat China deyuan marinefire proof totally enclosed lifeboat China deyuan marine

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