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How To Wear Life Jackets Correctly?

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How To Wear Life Jackets Correctly?

How To Wear Life Jackets Correctly?

As we alll know marine life jackets have the important equipment in live saving application .The right to wear a life jacket is likely to be related to whether a drowning person will survive.There are many kinds of life jackets, different styles of life jackets have different wear methods. 

Before wearing the life jacket, check whether the life vest is damaged, whether the sides of the belt, the buoyancy belt are defective and firm, whether it has expired, etc.

First, tie the sides of each side according to your own body shape.It is not advisable to wear the sideband directly to the body for convenience or convenience.

The sideband must deadknot.Because to play slipknot, when in the water, influenced by the outside force and floating on the water, water pressure, it's easy to make jackets out of our bodies, so life jacket will lose its meaning, cannot have the effect of guarantee them float on the water.Be careful not to wear a life jacket with a reflective tape facing outwards.

Second,tie the buoyancy belt around the waist to the waist, and tie the belt around the waist, and tie it tightly into a lifejacket knot (that is the knot on both sides).

Third, tie up the buoyancy belt and tie the knot.

Final,tie the neckline again (note that there is a knot.

Both the front and back of the life jacket have two reflectors, with a whistle on the left shoulder of the lifejacket, which can be whistled as it falls into the water.The function of the front and back light bands and whistles is to show the position of the drowning person to attract others' attention, so that the rescuers can find the position of the drowning person.

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