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Marine passenger seat

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Marine passenger seat

Marine passenger seats

Product configuration and description

Configuration: Seat cushion and the back of a recline chair(including magazine bag), with united and decorative head, armrest, chair foot, adornment to install rails, rail head, rail decoration layering, installation accessories, life jacket buckle belt, recline backrest meal tray.


A. Chair surface is PU leather flame retardant;

B. Back for high-density polyester one-time forming high cold foam spring back fire sponge; 

C. For high-density polyester one-time forming high cold foam cushion spring back fire sponge;

D. Seat beams, chair foot, armrest for high strength aluminum alloy 6063 oxide; 

E. Rail for high strength aluminum alloy 6061 oxide; 

F. Adornment to beams and rail head for PVC plastic resin materials; 

G.Rail decoration layering for environmental protection rubber material;

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