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Pilot Rope Ladder Accident Happened in Guangzhou

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Pilot Rope Ladder Accident Happened in Guangzhou

This mid-autumn, not calm for pilots!

The reason is the news from a Guangzhou!

Issue are like this:

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, a pilot in Guangzhou Port led the “NOSHIRIII” round out of the port. During the departure of the 2200 at the anchorage of the Guishan Mountain in Guangzhou, a pilot ladder break occurred. The pilot fell from the height of 8 meters to the pilot deck. Fortunately, the pilot was connected under the pilot ladder. The pilots of the pilots took over and played a great buffer to save their lives.

Pilot Ladder 1-Deyuan Marine _

According to the preliminary examination results, the pilot had a fracture of the left shoulder and a few soft tissue contusions. The current situation is stable and there is no life-threatening. The two sailors of the pilot boat are also injured. The round is now stranded by the maritime.

When the issue come out,immediately caused an uproar in the industry.

On the one hand, everyone greets the injured colleagues.

On the other hand, they praised the two heroic sailors.

In Sina, piloters conduct in-depth exchanges on the safety of pilot ladders.

Some people think that:

Pilots know first what their requirements are.

Say no to the behavior of non-conformity

Some people think that:

Take combined measures, reduce the height of the climb and the time spent on the ladder

Some people think that:

Pilot ladder safety accident, to attract the attention of the whole industry, the response of the whole people

Pilot Ladder 2-Deyuan Marine _

Deyuan Marine summarized the incident: 

1. To praise the sailors who saved the pilot

The Guangzhou Port pilots are both responsible for the two sailors. The sailors are very dedicated and well done. This time, you can save yourself! The sailors on the pilot boat are usually equipped with the port, but the professional spirit is to learn from the two sailors. These two sailors are great sailors who lifted the life of a pilot with both hands. And the family behind him. The relevant units should give the two sailors a great deal of merit, and properly arrange their medical treatment  and follow-up work, etc., to make the hero worry-free.

2. Relevant leaders and departments should really pay attention to the safety of pilots, especially in terms of prevention.

At present, there are only 2,264 pilots in China, and there are accidents of personal injury and death every year. Every department will actively respond to the incident, but the management and pre-existing prevention will increase.

3. The cost of ship violation is too low

Take the "NOSHIROIII" wheel. If the pilot falls at a height of 1 meter and is not injured, it may be a simple investigation process to report to the safety authority. 

Even direct sailing has no effect. In this way, the cost of violating the ship is too low, and many people will be careless in their daily work.

4. Protection of laws and regulations

Most of the current laws and regulations on the safety of pilots leaving the ship are carried out in one sentence. There are no detailed provisions, which is very unfavorable to protect the safety of pilots, especially beforehand.

5. About pilot boats

Most of the pilots in China are pilot boats. There are also tugboats and helicopters. Although the pilot boats are fast but too small, they are affected by wind and waves, and the ship's side is low. This also increases the height of the boarding. The tug is relatively good. Transshipment tools, but some ports dispatched tugboats to pick up pilots are random, which makes the tug driver and sailor unskilled; helicopters do not mention this because they are less used and the safety is controversial. China is the country with the most pilots in the world, but none of our 45 pilotage agencies have the most advanced small waterplane twin-hull pilots. 

This professional pilot boat will greatly improve the safety of the pilots. He has A higher boarding platform, with good stability, fast speed and maneuverability. But why is it not used? ? ?

The pilot’s fall on the ladder was really fortunate. The pilot and the two heroic sailors were injured, but they were not in danger. But such a thing really shouldn't happen. I don't know if I said that it is appropriate. If you have high opinions or ideas to welcome your advice, you can get a better idea and ideas by collecting deas. ! I hope that you can give a comment and express your opinion!

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Regardless of these views

Also no matter how effective this way

But at least

This indicates that the safety of the pilot ladder has attracted the attention of the whole industry.