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  • 2019-03-08

    Deyuan celebrates International Women's Day on March 8

    Deyuan celebrates International Women's Day on March 8The annual International Women's Day is coming!Deyuan has prepared beautiful flowers and gifts for each member. Everyone gathered to enjoy the cake to celebrate.Wish every lady a happy holiday!

  • 2019-02-28

    Notification Of Changing Company Name

    Due to the development of company, please be informed that from 28th Feb,2019 our Subsidiary “ZHUHAI CITY DEYUAN IMPORT&EXPORT CO.,LTD” have changed name to “DEYUAN MARINE CO.,LTD”. From now on DEYUAN MARINE CO.,LTD continues to operate the business of ZHUHAI CITY DEYUAN IMPORT&EXPOR

  • 2019-01-26

    Deyuan Marine The Spring Festival Holiday Notice 2019

    We would like to say thank you very much for your strong support all the time. Your support is the lifeblood of our business, we want to extend a big THANK YOU to you and your family for being one of our amazing customer and help our business grow. Deyuan Marine all colleagues sincerely wish you and your family: Happy new year, lucky pig year, hope safety and healthy!

  • 2018-11-30

    A nice annual trip of Deyuan marine to Xi'an

    Last week, Deyuan marine went to xi 'an for an annual trip. Xi'an, the capital of Shannxi Province, is stuated in the fertile Wei RiverValley. One of the few Chinese cities where the ancient foetress walls can still be seen.Xi'an dates back more than 3,000 years and has impressive collection of archaeological relies to help explain its rich history. Formerly known as Chang'an("ternal Peace"), the city of Xi'an had served as a capital under 13 dynasties.

  • 2018-11-20

    Deyuan Family’s Annual Traveling Time Is Coming

    Our company, China Deyuan Marine have organized an annual tourism event since year 2015. These activities not only enriched the employees' spare time, enhanced communication and collaboration between departments, but also made the family of Deyuan Marine more and more harmonious, which improved the cohesiveness of the company and fully demonstrated the team spirit of the company. It will also gather higher enthusiasm invested into our future work. Now, from this Wednesday to Sunday(Nov 21th to 25th, 2018), we are going to start the fourth company annual travel, the destination is Xi'an, a very historical and cultural city in northwestern China, we will come back office on Nov 26th, 2018.