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Summary Introduction of Barge

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Summary Introduction of Barge

The barge itself has no self-propelled capacity and requires a tugboat or a cargo ship towed by a tow. Its characteristics are simple equipment, shallow draft and large cargo capacity. Barges are generally non-motorized vessels, and tugboats or towboats form a barge fleet that can sail in narrow waterways and shallow waterways, and can be grouped at any time according to cargo transportation requirements, suitable for cargo transportation between ports in the river. A few barges with additional propulsion devices are called motorized barges. Motorized barges have a certain degree of self-propelled capacity.


What is barge?

1. There is no power device, the boat driven by the tugboat is mainly used for transporting goods (such as coal, yellow sand, oil, wood or grain); sometimes it is also carried by passengers, usually towed by tugboat.

2. A boat loaded with people or goods.

3. Generally refers to non-self-propelled cargo ships, which can be used by a tugboat or pushed by a tugboat.


There are mainly customer barges and cargo barges.

Passenger barge, special passengers, with living facilities, generally used for small river passenger transport.

The cargo barge is used to carry goods. According to the goods, it can be divided into dry goods barge, ore barge, coal barge, oil barge, deck barge and so on. The cargo barge generally does not have lifting equipment, and the loading and unloading machinery on the dock is used to load and unload the cargo. The cargo barge can also be used at the port for the transit of goods.


There are steel barges, wooden barges, and concrete barges. 

According to the ship type, there are mainly ordinary barges and subsections.

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