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What is Engineering Ship

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What is Engineering Ship

What is Engineering Ship 

Engineering ship refers to the "ship" specialized in some kind of water or underwater engineering. A complete set of working machinery is installed on it to complete specific tasks, such as channel guarantee, port operation, water conservancy construction, offshore construction, rescue and salvage, etc. It includes dredgers, crane vessels, pile driving vessels, cable laying vessels, salvage vessels, floating docks, diving vessels, etc.

Type: For dredging, trailing suction, cutter suction, chain bucket, grab dredger, stone shovel, mud barge and stone Refutation, etc. The displacement of large engineering ships ranges from 10000 to 20000 tons, and the smallest is only dozens of tons. Most of them are non self propelled box type ships, and there are several ship moving winches on the main deck to move the ship's position. The construction machinery includes crane, pile driver, drilling rig, grab and chain bucket dredger, rock shovel, mud pump, trailing suction pipe and leveling machine, etc. The engine room is equipped with diesel engine, generator and hydraulic pump station to provide power for construction machinery. The control room is equipped with monitoring instruments and instruments, and some of them are equipped with automatic operation system. The main operation contents of engineering ship are: building military port, navigation aid facilities, replenishment facilities, underwater test ground and underwater works, dredging harbor basin, channel and anchorage, setting or removing obstacles in water. 

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