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Marine IMO Ballast Water Treat Plan With USCG Approved

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Marine IMO Ballast Water Treat Plan With USCG Approved

Marine IMO Ballast Water Treat Plan With USCG Approved

IMO approved BWMS Working Principle:

Ballast Water Management System is an online treatment system which uses filtration and UV inactivation combination treatment technology . IMO Ballast Water Management System uses 100% physical treatment method.The Ballast Water Treatment System could be arranged on various types of vessels and meet different ballast water requirements and flow rates to operate in the sea water,fresh water and brackish water . Ballast Water Treatment Plan could achieve efficient treatment and management on ballasting and de-ballasting on board through a simple and high efficient two-stage treatment process.

Ballast water management plan treats the ballast water with negative pressure filter and disinfects the organisms with medium-pressure UV inactivation system .The IMO BWMS Plan filtration unit and UV inactivation unit are connected into the ballast water pipeline in series ,through which the uptake and discharged water could be treated effectively .

The IMO BWMS System filter reduces the sediment load and removes large organisms from the ballast water .The Marine BWMS Plan UV inactivation unit kills the plankton ,virus and other micro-organisms in the water.

The Vessel Ballast Water Treatment System is incorporated into the vessel’s ballast system and carries our treatment during both ballasting and de-ballasting process .The treatment process does not interrupt the system operation .Our Vessel Ballast Water Treatment Plan is equipped with self-cleaning filter ,the draining process will increase the ballasting time .In addition ,the initial pressure drop inside BWTS has minor influence on the pressure of IMO Ballast Water Treatment System.The relevant valves are controlled by the control system to operate automatically according to the PLC program.

During normal running ,the control system monitors key parameters to ensure proper treating such as system flow,filter pressure differential ,UV temperature, UV pressure ,UV light intensity, UV lamp ,UV cleaning device and valve status .

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