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Marine Ballast Water Management System

  • Deyuan Marine

  • Item: Marine Ballast Water Management System
  • Capacity : 100M3/H~3200M3/H
  • Standard: MEPC.174(58),MEPC.169(57)
  • Application: treatment ballast water
  • Certificate: BV,KR,USCG,LR,RMRS
  • Payment terms: TT,LC,Western union,Paypal,Credit card

Product Description

Marine Ballast Water Management System
Ballast Water Management System also call ballast water treatment plant,BWMS is its  abbreviation,this BWMS system is designed as per the MEPC.174(58),MEPC.169(57) standard,mainly used to treat ballast water,it is a essential equipment onboard.
So far,our BWMS system already approved by BV,KR,USCG,LR,RMRS Class.Main components of this system includes Filter,UV Reactor,Control Unit

Technical Parameter

Model of system

Capacity Power consumption Footprint Area
(M3/H) (KW) (M2)
BWMS-300 100-300 27 ~2.9
BWMS-500 300-500 42 ~3.6
BWMS-700 500-700 54 ~5.0
BWMS-900 700-900 84 ~6.0
BWMS-1200 900-1200 96 ~6.5
BWMS-1600 1200-1600 120 ~7.0
*BWMS-900DS 1600-1800 168 ~12
*BWMS-1200DS 1800-2400 192 ~13
*BWMS-1600DS 2400-3200 240 ~14
Note:*Double system

BWMS Ballast water managementChina Deyuan Marine

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