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Ballast Water Management With Single System

  • Deyuan Marine

  • Item: BWMS
  • Capacity : 100M3/H~3200M3/H
  • Standard: MEPC.174(58),MEPC.169(57)
  • Application: Treat ballast water
  • Type: single system and double system
  • Warranty: 1year

Product Description

Ballast Water Management With Single System
Working Principle:
When ballasting , the filter can remove the sediments and micro-organisms greater than 50ųm . After that ballast water enters the UV reactor and appropriate dose of UV ray is  generated in order to inactivate the organisms , such as algae and bacteria in the seawaters .
With the completion of above treatment , the qualified ballast water finally comes to ballast tanks . During the whole process , filter back flushing and auto self-cleaning of UV lamp will be activated according to the pressure and light intensity change . The filter is automatically bypassed during de-ballasting , and the ballast water receives a second UV-treatment during
discharge as safeguard to ensure discharged sea water to comply with the convention’s requirements .It can be applied to various types of vessels including container ships , bulk carriers , offshore vessels, chemical tankers and so on .

Technical Data:
Model of system Capacity(M3/H) Power consumption(KW) Footprint Area(M2)
BWMS-300 100-300 27 ~2.9
BWMS-500 300-500 42 ~3.6
BWMS-700 500-700 54 ~5.0
BWMS-900 700-900 84 ~6.0
BWMS-1200 900-1200 96 ~6.5
BWMS-1600 1200-1600 120 ~7.0
*BWMS-900DS 1600-1800 168 ~12
*BWMS-1200DS 1800-2400 192 ~13
*BWMS-1600DS 2400-3200 240 ~14
Note:*Double system

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