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Marine Cable

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Marine Cable

Marine cable

Marine cable also called shipboard cable, which requires quality and conformity to the highest maritime standards. Our marine grade cables are able to achieve and maintain high performance in harsh conditions of heat, cold, humidity, oil, vibration and salt corrosion, etc. In order to safeguard the safety and health of the crew working on shipboard, the shipboard cable is also with flame retardant, low smoke, zero halogens (LSZH) and fire resistant capabilities. In Chinese market, the marine cable has some standard code, as below,


1. Code for cable series

C                Shipboard power cable

CK              Shipboard control cable

CH             Shipboard instrumentation circuits cable

CB              Shipboard electric wire


2. Code for insulation

J                XLPE insulation

E               EPR insulation

V               PVC insulation


3. Code for sheath

F                CR sheath (SE1)

PF              PO sheath SHF1

PJ               Cross-linked PO sheathSHF2

V                PVC sheath


4. Code for armor and outer sheath

8               Tinned copper wire braided

9               Galvanized steel wire braided

0               Non outer sheath

2               PVC outer sheath

5               Crossed-linked PO outer sheathSHF2

6               PO outer sheath SHF1


5. Code for other construction

R               Flexible conductor

P               Twisted pair with individual screen


6. Code for flammability

DA               Single cable flame-retardant

SA               Bunched cable flame retardant

SC               Low-smoke halogen-free and flame retardant

NA              Bunched cables flame-retardant and fire-resistant

NC              Low-smoke halogen-free and fire-resistant


For example, the “CJPJ-SC” cable, 


which means

C                Shipboard power cable

J                 XLPE insulation

PJ               Cross-linked PO sheath (SHF2)

SC              Low-smoke halogen-free and flame retardant

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