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How To Determine The Quality Of A Ship Crane Machinery

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How To Determine The Quality Of A Ship Crane Machinery

How To Determine The Quality Of A Ship Crane Machinery

For ship cranes, there are lots of type, such as hydraulic cargo crane(winch amplitude), double girder gantry crane, offshore pedestal transporter crane, port rubber tyred crane, double Jib level luffing portal Jib crane, telescopic boom port cargo crane, marine fixed boom crane and boat lifting crane etc. From this article, we will introduce you some tips to identify the quality of a crane, or to see if the crane is with high configurations.

For a port crane machinery, what are the main functions of it? of course, it is use to carry out lifting, delivery etc., and we judge the criteria for them are mainly in the safety and efficiency. While the safety and efficiency of the crane is mainly because of their quality. May be a lot of people ask, now almost all of the manufacturers produce their own production and said their cranes can do everything can meet all customers requirements, it is too hard for customers to tell who’s crane is better.

Don’t worry, below are the details you can use for port crane quality judgments:

1, Observe the capacity and quality of the motor, the motor is the machine's brain and power system, if the motor quality can not be guaranteed, the entire lifting machine is basically equal to a pile of scrap metal.

2, Measuring the crane’s wire rope diameter, diameter of the crane directly related to the safety and service life during using. Wire rope is a direct force acceptor with the lifting cargoes, so in case the quality of wire rope can not be guaranteed, the accident is easy to happen when it works.

3, Compare the wall thickness of steel pipe, steel pipe is related to the whole structure’s balance force, so it need to coordinate with the lifting cargoes.

4, The fourth most important of course is the relevant steel and profile material, control system and lubrication system good or bad will mutual determine the crane's life span and quality.

5, Quality of the welding line, to see if there are lack of welding, welding shortage, holes in the gap, slag etc. To achieve a delicate appearance of a crane the importance of weld can not be ignored.

6, Measure the thickness of the paint film, do not underestimate this detail, as if with a thin paint film that will makes the port crane easy to be corrosive.

7, To learn the rationality of port crane structure design, the rationality of overall design will involve this port crane easy to use or not, a reasonable design for a crane will makes you save a lot of time and labor costs during operating it.

Of course, we can not judge a port crane quality only restricted in eye observation, it is better to ask the mechanical parameters to determine the best choice for their own machinery.

The value of a good quality port crane machinery brings can not be measured, the value of it not only reflect on the security, but also in efficiency, and all of this represents that it can create greater value, which is to achieve the value of a crane machinery.

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