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Deyuan Marine Panama Chocks

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Deyuan Marine Panama Chocks

                       Deyuan Marine Panama Chocks


Panama Chocks (also referred to as Panama Bows) are Round or oval steel castings which are indispensable cable guide devices in the process of ship stopping, the chocks are used specifically for the guidance of rope mooring lines on board a large ship or vessel. Intended for heavy duty use, the chocks are manufactured from high quality cast steel in various grades dependent upon the particular application and loading required. Panama Chocks can be either mounted directly onto or into the hull, or alternatively can come supplied with a base plate to be bolted to a plinth.

The Panama chock shall be classified by its site as follows:

- Type A-Deck Mounted Panama Chock

-Type B-Bulwark Mounted Panama Chock

Nominal sizes of panama chocks are denoted by reference to the width of the opening ,in millimeters.The nominal sizes are 310 and 360.

The Panama chocks were designed in accordance with the technical requirements of Panama Canal as listed below:

-Bearing surface radius:not less than 180mm.

-Single chock:opening area:min.650cm2,305x230mm,45,36t SWL.

Double chock:opening area:min.900cm2,355x255mm,64,00t SWL.

The strength of the Panama chocks was evaluated by finite element model analysis and determined based on the design criteria.