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Deyuan Marine 2020 Annual Meeting&Party

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Deyuan Marine 2020 Annual Meeting&Party

In order to show the good looks of the company's rapid and vigorous development, to promote friendship and enhance cohesion, Deyuan Marine decides to hold the 2019 Annual Meeting and 2020 New Year's party to thank everyone has worked hard for the past year.

Purpose of DEYUAN MARINE Annual Meeting:

1. Summarize the company's development achievements in 2019 and formulate the company's overall plan for 2020, including the new year plan, direction, and goals.

2. Strengthen the communication between employees, increase the awareness of team assistance, strengthen the interaction between leaders and employees, and improve the company's comprehensive competitiveness.

3. Learn from each other's strengths, recognize excellence, motivate employees, and encourage everyone to perform well in the new year.

4. Enrich the life of employees, and thank all members for their hard work over the past year, and to recognize themselves and the identity of the Deyuan family during the annual meeting.

Wishing you peace, joy and happiness through the new year 2020!

Here share some photo of our Annual Meeting:

deyuan marine2 (2)

deyuan marine2 (1)

deyuan marine (2)

deyuan marine (3)

deyuan marine (1)

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