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Let's Learn more about the Speedboat

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Let's Learn more about the Speedboat

The speedboat is the "sprint champion" in the ship, with a maximum speed of 40-60 knots, and is known as the "light cavalry at sea." Speedboats are classified according to equipped weapons, including torpedo boats, missile boats and missile torpedo boats. Although the speedboat is small, its power is not small and plays a big role. For large and medium-sized enemy ships invading into the offshore area, torpedo boats and missile boats can be formed in separate formations, or they can cooperate with other surface ships to eliminate enemy large and medium-sized ships. It is also possible to send speedboats to attack enemy transport fleets and destroy enemy air transport lines. The speedboat is fast, the hull is small, and it can be concealed. It can effectively attack the enemy's base and park. Speedboats can be used in shallow waterways, narrow sea areas, and reef islands.

The most powerful of the speedboats is the missile boat. It inherits the advantages of the torpedo boat and has a very important position in naval battles. However, compared with large and medium-sized ships, it has weak self-defense ability and poor wind and wave resistance, and can only fight in the offshore.

Modern speedboats are widely used in missile weapons, advanced miniaturized electronic equipment, high-power gas turbines, hydrofoil and air cushion technology, and are developing in the direction of missileization, large-scale, high-speed, and electronic. In the future naval battle, the speedboat will play a greater role, and the speedboat will be of great help to the military.

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