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​Introduction of Cruise Ships

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​Introduction of Cruise Ships


Cruise ships generally sail regularly or occasionally along certain water travel routes and park at one or several sightseeing spots for visitors to visit. Ordinary passenger ships are also used for tourism or modified to be used exclusively for tourism can be called cruise ships. After the 1960s and 1970s, with the development of tourism,there are an increasing number of cruise ships specially designed for sightseeing. In addition to the basic functions of general passenger ships, most of these cruise ships provide special viewing, entertainment facilities and services.


There are many types of cruise ships, which can be roughly divided into ordinary cruise ships and luxury cruise ships according to internal facilities and decoration grades, and can be divided into ocean-going cruise ships, offshore coastal cruise ships and inland cruise ships according to the different sailing waters.

First, ocean-going cruise ships. It is mostly used for intercontinental or global navigation across the ocean. Generally, the tonnage is large, the performance is superior, the internal facilities are luxurious, and the cost is also high. Modern ocean cruise ships have developed from early cruise ships. The cruise ship not only greatly promoted the ocean passenger transport at that time, but also promoted the wave of ocean travel at that time. The number of people traveling on intercontinental and even global tourism by cruise ships increased day by day.

With the Advancement of shipbuilding technology, ocean-going cruise ships have grown larger and more luxurious. Nowadays, more and more people choose cruise ship vacations each year. Maritime travel has gradually become a trend. Large cruise ships can reach more than 100,000 tons and accommodate more and more passengers.

Second, offshore cruise ships. More navigation in local areas, such as the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico, Bermuda, Alaska, Hawaii, Mediterranean, Nordic and other beautiful sea areas. The voyage usually starts from a certain port, arrives at one or more beautiful tourist ports, and then returns to the departure port to resume a voyage. For example, the Norwegian Sky, from Miami, the United States, to the Bahamas, passengers in the game before returning to the ship, cruise back to Miami.

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