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PVC Floating Fence Boom

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PVC Floating Fence Boom

PVC Floating Fence Boom

This containment boom is an impervious (non-absorbent) floating, fence-like boom?used for oil spill containment on the water’s surface. The PVC Oil fence boom is composed of a?PVC outer barrier?that houses either fully sealed polystyrene floats or closed cell polyethylene foam that?prevent the boom from sinking?even when damaged and steel ballast for maintaining its position in the water. Marine Floating Fence Boom is good for calm and sheltered waters.

Oil Fence Boom is one of the most economically priced booms available while still providing excellent performance and durability. It can be used to control various types of pollution, with a design that ensures the delivery of essential functions: channelling, diversion, immobilization and retention of pollutants.

It can be?deployed rapidly?using a oil fence boom reel and also concertinas for storage in small areas such as trailers or small store rooms. It features simple?overlapping connectors?to prevent debris or oil from passing through the boom with bank end fittings that enable it to be firmly secured to land. The flat construction makes Reusable Oil spill fence boom easy to deploy, retrieve and store. Oil Fence Boom offers the smallest storage volume of solid float boom types due to its ability to fold back on itself.

How does a oil fence containment boom work?

floating oil containment booms-like structures with foam buoyancy and a base weight to hold part of the fence under water. They are generally flat in construction making them easy to deploy, retrieve and store.

Our marine containment booms are lightweight, compact and ideal for emergency response to contain spills in calm or sheltered waters, such as harbours, rivers and ponds. The?Fence Boom?has been designed for long term deployment in inshore waters such as?harbours and outfalls to contain oil spills?and?protect inland waters?from oil contamination.

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