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Introduction to container

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Introduction to container

Introduction to container

Container is a kind of component tool which can carry packed or unpacked goods and is convenient for handling with mechanical equipment. There are many kinds of containers and various classification methods. There are the following classification methods.

According to the type of goods loaded. There are dry container, bulk container, liquid container, reefer container, and some special containers, such as automobile container, livestock container, animal skin container, etc.

General cargo container is the most common container, which is mainly used to transport general cargo. It is suitable for all kinds of cargo that does not need to adjust the temperature. It is generally called general container.

Bulk containers are used to load all kinds of bulk goods such as powder and granular goods.

Liquid cargo container is a container used to carry liquid cargo.

Refrigerated container is a kind of container with freezer equipment and low heat conductivity material laid on the inner wall for loading frozen, heat preservation and fresh-keeping goods.

Automobile container is a kind of container specially designed to carry automobiles and can be divided into two layers.

Pen container is a kind of container specially designed to transport live "livestock, with ventilation facilities, feeding and defecation devices.

The animal skin container is a kind of container specially designed to carry the goods with juice leakage, such as raw hide. It has a double bottom and can store the leaked liquid.

According to manufacturing materials.

Manufacturing materials refer to the main parts of container (side wall, end wall, top, etc.), which can be divided into three types: steel container, aluminum alloy container, glass fiber reinforced plastic container, in addition to wood container, stainless steel container, etc.

By structure

It can be divided into three types: fixed container, folding container and thin shell container. The fixed container can also be divided into closed container, open top container, plate frame container, etc.; folding container refers to the main components of the container (side wall, end wall and top of the container) can be simply folded or disassembled, and can be easily combined again when used again; thin shell container is to form all components into a steel body, its advantage is heavy It is light and can adapt to the torque without permanent deformation.

Total weight points

There are 30 tons of containers, 20 tons of containers, 10 tons of containers, 5 tons of containers, 2.5 tons of containers, etc.

According to specifications and dimensions

The dry containers commonly used in the world are: 20ft * 8ft * 8ft 6in, or 20ft for short; 40ft * 8ft * 8ft 6in, or 40ft for short; 40ft * 8ft * 9ft 6in, or 40ft for short.

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