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Introduction of Marine Fans & Blowers

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Introduction of Marine Fans & Blowers

Introduction of Marine Fans & Blowers

Marine fan is a kind of centrifugal fan used to deal with large flow, low and medium pressure air.

Marine fans are mainly used in ships:

1. Ventilation of various cabins;

2. Various marine air conditioners;

3. Boiler drum and induced air;

4. Hovering and propulsion of hovercraft;

5. Submarine ascent;

6. Ventilation of various pressurized cabins;

7. Inert gas, incineration, regeneration, air purification and other systems.

The use of marine fans is quite extensive, and will continue to increase with the development of ships and the development of marine equipment.

As far as basic principles are concerned, there is no difference between marine fans and land-based fans. But because it is used on ships, it has its own characteristics in terms of performance parameters, design, structure, materials, etc. For example, in order to reduce the size, centrifugal fans mostly use forward blade impellers; for corrosion prevention, explosion protection and weight reduction, they mostly use aluminum impellers; in order to facilitate disassembly on the ship, axial fans are made to make the motor and impeller from the casing The structure of the openable casing that is shaken out in the middle is made of centrifugal structure that can remove the impeller from both sides of the casing and so on. Other special fans, such as air-cushioned marine fans, are different from land-based products and require special design.

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