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Marine Equipment, IMO Incinerator

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Marine Equipment, IMO Incinerator

                                          Marine Equipment, IMO Incinerator 

Marine Waste Incinerators were fabricated as per the standard of IMO resolution MEPC76(40), adopted on 25 Sept. 1997,IMO Resolution MEPC93(45), adopted on 5 Oct. 2000, MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI, Resolution for the Prevention of Air Pollution from ship, adopted on 26 Sept. 1997.Widely usd to burn solid waste and oil sludge for marine and offshore industry,power plants,industry plants,hospital etc. 

Available certificate is CCS,DNV,GL,USCG etc,pls contact deyuan marine sales team for more details if you are interested. 
A complete incinerator system consists of three main parts:

(a.)Combustion chamber with diesel oil burner, sludge burner, and electric control panel.
(b.) Flue gas fan
(c.) Flue gas damper.
(d.) Sludge tank with circulating pump and heater.

Main features of the Incinerator

(1)Man-Machine dialogue interface for convenient operations.
(2)Continuous solid waste loading device with pneumatic control, as an option.
(3)Sludge agitation by a recirculation pump to obtain best mixture.
(4)Three options of sludge heating source, including electrical elements, steam coil or thermal coil.
(5)Immediate working condition traceability.

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