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High-Expansion Foam Generator from Deyuan marine

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High-Expansion Foam Generator from Deyuan marine

High-Expansion Foam Generator

High-Expansion Foam Generator is one of the main devices of the High-Expansion Foam Extinguishing System which can be used in the fixed fire extinguishing equipment as well as in the moveable fire extinguishing equipment. It is marked by a high output of foam, which enables it to be applicable to various kinds of fires.

Operating Principle

High-Expansion Foam Extinguishing Equipment is mainly composed of the storage tank, the high-expansion foam generator and the fixing rack (as shown below). Firstly, add the high-expansion foam extinguishing agent into the foam liquid box through the filler opening. Then insert the pick-up tube into the pick-up hole. Connect the working pressed water to the water inlet of the generator via a pipeline when it is to be used. Then open the fire hydrant and the pressed water drives the wind wheel to rotate through the water turbine. Meanwhile, the sprinkler head sprays the mixed solution to the foamscreen of the generator. After that, the wind generated by the wind wheel blows away the foam solution adhering to the foamscreen to form a large amount of bubbles to submerge or cover the surface of the burning material. Thus, the fire can be put out because of the cooling and isolating effects of the foam.

Installation and Maintenance

1. Install Caution

(1) No obstacle is allowed within a range of 300cm to the air inlet of the foam generator.

(2) No obstacle is allowed within a range of 1M in front of the foamscreen of the foam generator in order not to block the spray of the foam.

(3) The installation height of the foam generator used in a total flooding system should be higher than the designed reaching height of the foam.

(4) The foamscreen should face the protection area.

2. Maintenance

(1) The foamscreen should be cleaned frequently and no sundries are allowed to adhere to it at any time.

(2) Each time after use, the foam generator should be properly cleaned with fresh water.

(3) The foam generator should be examined at least once a year. A sealing test with water pressure of 1.25MPa should be carried out after examination.

No leakage or obvious deformation is allowed in any components and connection joints.

(4)The installed equipment should not be detached freely to avoid any performance loss. 

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