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Do you know PE floaters ?

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Do you know PE floaters ?

Do you know PE floaters ?

The hull of pipe floater is made from medium density polyethylene material with excellent flexibility, filled with high strength polyurethane foam inside. With reasonable structure and good performance, the MDPE floater becomes the ideal substitution of the traditional steel floater for the floating dredging pipes.

Main Features of Plastic Floats:
1. Good flexibility, excellent impact resistance, particularly suitable for constructions in open sea;
2. Easy to install and handle, lower costs for moving;
3. Higher corrosive resistance, longer working life, 3 times longer than steel floaters;
4. Lower costs, the cost performance is better than steel floaters.

Applications of Plastic Float:
1.Used in dredging sand pipeline;
2.It can be used in dredger, dredging pipe etc. in the sea, lake or river;
3.Particular used in laying the pipes on the water used in dredger project.


1. 2 pieces of floaters form 1 set, 2 sets of floaters form 1 pair. 1 pair of floaters could float 6 meter long steel dredging pipe and 1.5m long rubber hose.
2. The floaters under the size of O.D4m*L4m are all available.



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