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Ship Mooring Swivel Type Anchor Chain Stopper Type B CB/T 178-96

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Material:Cast Steel
Part: Marine Mooring Equipment
Standard:CB Standard Roller
Surface:Polished,galvanized or bitumen
Payment term:T/T ,L/C,Paypal ,Western Union etc
Delivery Time:15 days
Certificate: ABS, LR, DNV, GL, BV, NK, KR, CCS

Product Description

Ship Mooring Swivel Type Anchor Chain Stopper Type B CB/T 178-96

Swivel Type Chain Stopper is applicable to grade 2 and 3 mooring anchor chain, the chain diameter is from 22mm to 66mm , material is casting steel , It can withstand 80% of chain cable’s breaking load and avoid being permanently deformed. When a ship is sailing or casting anchor, this anchor chain stopper is an important device to clamp the anchor chain and help reduce the working load of windlass. 

Mooring Swivel Type Chain Stopper is produced as CB/T 178-96 standard, It set between anchor gear and hawse pipe to fix anchor chain and prevent chains to slide. The function main make the end of the anchor fixed and make chain not in chaos, quickly disengagement chain and facilitate in case of emergency .

Except CB/T 178-96 chain stopper, Deyuan Marine also can supply all other types of chain stoppers such as screw type chain stopper, cast lever chain stopper, pawl type chain stopper, OCIMF type chain stopper and so on. To guarantee good quality, we follow ISO9000 standards to inspect our goods. From raw material purchase to pre-shipment inspection, we keep an eye on every step t ensure the satisfaction of our customer on quality , Our Ship Mooring Chain Stoppers are approved by ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, EC, GL, KR, LR, NK and RINA.

We can design and produce the Swivel Type Anchor Chain Stopper according to the drawings and technical requirements you request. We guaranteed products at a competitive price and quality. At present, our products have a very good sale in domestic and overseas market. We wish to cooperate with you to create a bright future and mutual benefit.

If you are interested in our  CB/T 178-96 anchor chain stopper,, welcome to send the inquiry or call our sales team directly , we will handle your case quickly and quote for you .

Swivel Type Chain Stopper Type B CB/T 178-96 Data Sheet:

Anchor chain dia. 22-26 28-32 34-38 40-44 46-48 52-58 60-66
B 280 310 360 420 480 550 640
C 190 210 250 290 330 380 440
H 335 400 455 515 585 680 775
L 500 550 600 670 770 970 1000
L1 275 330 375 430 480 565 640
L2 265 320 365 415 465 545 615
Weight(kg) 90 122 163 238 353 518 772

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