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Cast Steel Weld Mounting JIS F2015 Bar Type Chain Cable Stopper

Place of Origin: China
Product: Chain Cable Stopper
Type: Bar Type
Standard: JIS F2015
Installation: Weld mounting
Material: Cast Steel
Surface: with anti-corrosion protective finish

Product Description

Cast Steel Weld Mounting JIS F2015 Bar Type Chain Cable Stopper

Bar Type Chain Cable Stopper for sale product description

Introduction of JIS F2015 Bar Type Chain Cable Stopper

Chain Cable Stopper, also call chain stopper or cable stopper, it is designed according to the standard of JIS F2015, for all chain sizes, which can be installed on any type of vessels, both newbuilds as well as retrofits on existing vessels. 

Chain cable stopper  is secured to the ship's structure separate from the cable lifter,for the purpose of securing a chain cable against the tention from the anchor. The cable stopper also serves as a guide for the chain cable during operation.

JIS F2015 chain stopper was made from high quality cast steel, it is a bar type chain cable stopper, the bar can be opened in right or left hand side.

DEYUAN MARINE supplies a full range of Chain Cable Stopper to meet different job requirements.

  •  JIS F2002-1976 Cast Iron Dog Type Chain Cable Compressor

  • JIS F2015-1987 cast steel bar type Cable stopper

  • JIS F2023-1976 cast steel bar type ship chain stopper

  • JIS F2033 roller bar type chain stopper 

  • CB*286-84 cast lever chain stopper

  • GB/T 3844-2000 marine roller lever chain stopper

  • GB/T178-96 screw type chain stopper

  • OCIMF Type 250T Bow Chain Stopper

  • OCIMF Type 350T Bow Chain Stopper

If you're insterested in any of chain cable stopper, please feel free to contact DEYUAN MARINE at any time.

Cast Steel Chain Cable Stopper technical parameters

 JIS F2015 Bar Type Chain Cable Stopper

dia.of Chain
Dimension(mm) Weight
(mm) A B C D (kg)
38-40 378 540 390 336 111
42-44 412 590 424 366 139
46-48 450 640 460 397 176
50-52 491 695 494 428 216
54-56 528 745 530 457 261
58-60 564 795 564 488 319
62-64 600 850 600 517 396
66-68 635 900 636 547 482
70-73 675 960 678 582 608
76-78 715 1020 720 617 739

JIS F2015 Chain Cable Stopper

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