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Devil's Claw Chain Stopper

Product: Devil's Claw Chain Stopper
Brand: Deyuan Marine
Size: For 14~68mm anchor chain
Material: Carbon steel
Application: assist in securing the anchor at the hawse pipe
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal
Delivery time: Up to order quantity

Product Description

Devil's Claw Chain Stopper

111Introduction of Devil's Claw Chain Stopper

The Devil's Claw Chain Stopper Assembly is design primarily to assist in securing the anchor at the hawse pipe.

Additionally, the Devil's Claw Chain Stopper can be utilized to help retrieve mooring components.

The size of the claw and the jaw opening are directly proportional to the chain size which is to be engaged.

When the Devil's Claw Chain Stopper assembly is used to secure mooring chain neither the stopper nor the chain is place in a bending condition; Instead, the loads are arranged inline. 

As an option, customers can specify additional handles to be placed at the base of the claw, which increase the ease of handling.

DEYUAN MARINE offers a variety sizes of Devil's Claw Chain Stopper which is suitable for chains from 14mm to 68mm.

Our Devil's Claw Chain Stopper consists of fork hook, shackle, end Link, common link, open type turnbuckle and shackle, eye plate.

222Claw Chain Stopper Specification

Anchor Chain Diameter SWL(KN) Fork Hook Chain Link Turnbuckle Eype Plate Weight(kgs)
14-16 5.5 1 12.5 KOUD12 F1.0 2
17.5-20.5 9.3 2 12.5 KOUD14 F1.6 3.1
22-24 12.5 3 12.5 KOUD16 F2.0 4.8
26-28 17 4 14 KOUD18 F2.5 6.1
30-32 22 5 14 KOUD20 F3.0 7.8
34-36 28 6 16 KOUD22 F4.0 10.8
38-40 35 7 17.5 KOUD24 F5.0 14.6
32-44 42 8 20.5 KOUD27 F6.0 22.5
46-48 49 9 22 KOUH30 F6.0 22.5
50-52 58 10 24 KOUH36 F8.0 34.6
54-56 67 11 24 KOUH36 F10.0 52.3
58-60 77 12 26 KOUH36 F10.0 52.3
62-64 88 13 28 KOUH39 F12.0 78
66-68 100 14 32 KOUH42 F12.0 78

Devil's Claw Chain Stopper China deyuan marine

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