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JIS F2033 Roller Bar Type Chain Stopper

Place of Origin: China
Product: Anchor Chain Stopper
Type: Roller Type
Standard: JIS F2033
Material: Cast Steel
Surface: with anti-corrosion protective finish

Product Description

Cast Steel  JIS F2033 Roller Bar Type Chain Stopper

Roller type chain stopper product description

Introduction of JIS F2033  Anchor Chain Stopper

JIS F2033 Anchor Chain Stopper is a device designed as per the standard of JIS F2033, it's a roller bar type chain stopper and was made from high quality cast steel.

A full range sizes of chain cable stopper was designed to be installed on any type of vessels, both newbuilds as well as retrofits on existing vessels.

The chain stopper were used to hold the anchor while the ship is underway and guides the chain during anchoring manoeuvres. During anchoring, the chain stopper withstands the forces from the anchor, so the anchor winch is protected.

 Marine chain stoppers for marine mooring and emergency towing system applications are available with or without a plinth.

DEYUAN MARINE supplies a full range of Chain Cable Stopper with different Class approval certificate

  •  JIS F2002-1976 Cast Iron Dog Type Chain Cable Compressor

  • JIS F2015-1987 cast steel bar type Cable stopper

  • JIS F2023-1976 cast steel bar type ship chain stopper

  • JIS F2033 roller bar type Anchor chain stopper 

  • CB*286-84 cast lever chain stopper

  • GB/T 3844-2000 marine roller lever chain stopper

  • GB/T178-96 screw type chain stopper

  • OCIMF Type 200T Bow Chain Stopper

  • OCIMF Type 250T Bow Chain Stopper

  • OCIMF Type 350T Bow Chain Stopper

If you're insterested in any of chain cable stopper, please feel free to contact DEYUAN MARINE at any time.

JIS F2032 Chain Stopper in stock technical parameters

 JIS F2033  Anchor Chain Stopper

Nominal Dia.
of Chain(mm)
Dimension(mm) Weight
A B C D (kgs)
70-73   730  715   700    730    1000 
76-78 780 760 730 780 1180
81-84 840 820 780 840 1470
87-90 900 890 840 900 1780
92-95 950 945 880 950 2110
97-102 1020 1005 940 1020 2380
105-107 1070 1070 990 1070 2900
111-114 1140 1140 1040 1140 3440
117-122 1220 1220 1100 1220 4100
127-132 1320 1315 1170 1320 5080

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