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Cutter Suction Dredging Machine 300


Product Description

Cutter Suction Dredging Machine 300


The cutter suction dredaing machine is suitable for construction in coastal areas. closed harbors and inland rivers and lakes with relatively small wind and waves.

Desianed and produced in accordance with China's ZC standard.

The whole machine is welded steel structure. The bottom plate thickness 6mm, the side plate is 6mm and the deck is 4mm. Three hydraulic winches are located at the front of the main cabin deck, and two locating pile cvlinders are located at the rear of the main cabin.The four ballast tanks are located at the front and rear ends of the side appendages.

The transportation of the cutter suction dredaing machine can be disassembled and as sembled, which is suitable for railway, road transportation and bulk carrier transportation.

The engine and pump are located in the middle main engine room, and the side hulls on both sides are used as fuel tanks, ballast tanks and storage bins.

Hydraulically driven cutter head, the cutter power transmission system is a fully sealed and maintenance-free structure, and is forced to be lubricated by the high lubricating oil tank on the deck, and forms a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the gearbox to avoid seawater infiltration.

The spacious and bright operating room specially designed for the driver of the dredging machine is located on the upper floor of the lounge. The lounge and the cab form a doule-layer structure, which makes the driving vision wide, and convenient to observe the whole room in full angle. Equipped with air conditioning and seats. One driver to operate all monitoring instruments, light control buttons and action command buttons.

The cutter suction dredging machine equipped with propeller, self-propelled.

 cutter suction dredaing machine

 cutter suction dredaing

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