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Unit Element Rubber Fender Leg Fenders Marine Rubber Fenders

Type: Unit Element Rubber Fender
Brand: Deyuan Marine
Certification: BV/PIANC 2002 (Performance Testing/Test Protocol)
Warranty: 3 Years
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal

Product Description

Unit Element Rubber Fender Leg Fenders Marine Rubber Fenders

Unit Element Fender which is also called element fender or leg fender is a high performance, modular system. Leg fender has been widly used across the world for decades.

The construction of the unit element fender is simple but very strong and durable. Unit Element Rubber Fender can provide good protection for between vessels and piers or docks.

Unit Element Fenders can be combined in unlimited permutations to suit a wide variety of applications. Unit Element Rubber Fenders are veratile. The simplest and most popular Unit Element Fender system is the UE-V fender. It employs pair(s) of elements and a structural UHMW-PE facing pad. A steel panel is also available. UE-V fenders combine high energy capacity with low friction face and high wear resistance. The versatility of Unit Element fenders makes them suitable for almost all applications.

Our Unit Element Fenders are available in various sizes from 300H to 1600H.

⇒ Modular design allows limitless setting out arrangements
⇒ Excellent shear resistance in lengthwise plane
⇒ UE-V fender shields can be bolted from the front using asymmetric elements
⇒ Sizes to suit every application
⇒ Easy and quick to install

Type H A W T D L a Q n Bolt Tolerance
I-300 300 47 94 15 94 2000 250 500 3 M24 ±10%
I-400 400 63 125 17 124 M24
I-500 500 87 158 20 142 M30
I-550 550 87 172 20 170 M30
I-600 600 87 188 20 199 M30
I-750 750 118 235 26 230 M36
I-800 800 129 250 26 240 M36
I-1000 1000 162 322 31 310 M42
I-1250 1250 202 401 36 388 M48
I-1450 1450 228 454 41 445 M48
I-1600 1600 257 500 50 480 M56

1.Fender length suggested to be 900,1000,1500,2000mm.
2.Other sizes are available upon request.
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